Keep Bread Fresh and Delicious

Keep Bread Fresh and Delicious(Delicious-keeping bag for bread)
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  • “Keep Bread Fresh and Delicious” keeps breads freshness and scent and makes bread last longer.
    You can enjoy the deliciousness without re-baking although defrosted.
    This special bread bag prevents mold from growing at room temperature.

    We have awarded “Grand Prize” of the new products at Tokyo International Gift Show and Gourmet & Dining Style Show, and also featured on the Japanese TV show.

    *Utility model has been registered
    *Made in Japan product

On the test marketing at the trade show in Tokyo, we received huge number of response and sold out.
“Rich scent retention,” “antioxidant,” “frost-reducing,” and “mold-resistant” effects
We received about 300 supportive comments with high expectations.
  • I love bread. I often buy too much bread and it ends up getting moldy. If I had this item, I could keep my bread tasty. I will buy some for my bread-loving friends.
  • I thought it was inevitable that Bread loses its aroma when it is frozen. I am looking forward to its arrival.
  • I bought bread in bulk and many times ruined it or ate it with the flavor ruined. I’m looking forward to it.
  • When I see a loaf of bread that looks good, I tend to buy it in bulk! With item like this, I can always eat better! I’m looking forward to it. I support it.
  • It’s the product every bread lover has been waiting for! I’m looking forward to it.
  • I love bread. At the bakery I went to for the first time, I always bought too much and had trouble preserving it. I am looking forward to its arrival.
  • I’ve always wanted to have a product like this. I was always bothered by mold. From now on, I can preserve it with peace of mind.
  • I love bread. I am looking forward to the day when I can use it.
How to keep bread fresh and delicious
Rich scent retention
It keeps the scent rich and long-lasting.
It prevents deterioration of quality and taste.
Mold resistance – Storage test at room temperature –

This is a photo of bread that was actually stored for 14 days.
* Freezing is recommended rather than storing at room temperature to maintain the flavor.
* Effects may vary depending on conditions. The conditions of this test are described on the website.
Strictly adhere to the expiration date of bread
How to use


After putting the bread inside, clip the mouth shut.

After freezing, please thaw in the bag. You can enjoy the deliciousness without re-baking.


3 sets included(Bags + Clips)

Conforms to the “Standards for Foods, Additives, etc.” established under the Food Sanitation Act (Ministry of Health and Welfare Public Notice No. 370)

Product name:Keep Bread Fresh and Delicious

[Main body(Outer bag size)]
Thickness:1mm-14mm(Clip position)
Quantity:3 sets included(Bags + Clips)

Raw resin:PET
Cold resistance temperature:minus 30 degrees
Number of sheets:3 sheets

Raw resin:PP
Heat resistance temperature:120 degrees
Cold resistance temperature:minus 20 degrees
Quantity: 3 clips

Handling Precautions:Do not place near fire
Utility model registered
Made in Japan